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It’s been a long, loooonnngggg time! Lets just blame mother technology and leave it at that!
what can i tell you!?

Well, it’s winter (yay!) things are as hectic as ever here at Damascus and since last chatting to you there have been four additions to our kitty clan!

Yum Yum, Guss, Puffins and Fifi…..and they have already managed to twist all the big, grown-up cats around their tails 😁

Otherwise life goes on here….unbelievably busy…it has made the time fly. I can’t believe that the year is half gone!

I have cat-clients giving me dirty looks….its tea time and this waitress better get her act in order!

Take care sweetpeas….till next time,

You find out what life is about by paying closer attention to it, not wishing you were living a fantasy………” Leo Babauta

Well my lovelies…….it is a cold and misty winter morning here at the crazy cattery! Real coffeebookblanket weather πŸ™‚
I am very happy to say that today I do not have to work in the garden……so my crochet afghan will get all my attention!

The ‘holiday’ break has been going well…..much pruning and raking of leaves has been done and I have paved all the kitty enclosures! So now each house has a lovely paved patio for lazing and tanning as well as a garden area for general digging and rolling πŸ™‚
I am so happy with the way it has turned out…..all the broken nails and bruised fingers have been worth it!

Now I can hear my coffee calling….a quick reminder before I go…..December bookings! Please humans….your beloved furry children also want to enjoy the holiday season. Call or email me as soon as you can….before all the houses are gone!

Now take care, be warm, be safe and cuddle those kitties!

I leave you with this beautiful thought……..

“Instead of looking at the lives of others, see the goodness in front of you. Inside of you. Appreciate each moment, one at a time, and be happy where you are. When you find yourself comparing your life to the lives of others, turn to the moment in front of you and find ways to appreciate it.”

Leo Babauta

snuggle season….

A definite chill in the breeze these days…..and with all the leaves floating around the breeze has a rustly voice……sometimes it really seems to chuckle lol!! (Like when I’ve just raked up a heap of leaves and suddenly they are evenly distributed all over the garden!)
I can’t believe the year is nearly halfway done…..and Damascus has been so busy over the last year…..such a blessing πŸ™‚

At last things have quieted a little – my last guest is a beautiful boy who will be here until the end of May (his humans are visiting family in Portugal).
Then I have decided that it is time for a bit of R&R……Rest and Renovation πŸ™‚
Damascus Cats will be closed for the months of June and July…..will be fixing, enlarging, spraying for bugs, weeding…….and somewhere in there…..resting!lol!
So! Until August 1st – I wish you all well. Take wonderful care and be safe always……..and keep warm!

Many kisses and hugs

and Autumn is here……TaDaaaaaaa!

So! The beautiful nameless tree (nameless only because I am very rusty when it comes to Tree Knowledge things!)…by my bedroom window is spreading a golden carpet all over the lawn. My Pride of India trees are adding the last of their blooms so it looks like confetti all over the garden……reminds me all over again why I love this season so much.
Amidst all the falling leaves and blossoms……I have been run off my feet…..feeling that I need to book into one of the little houses and take a break! πŸ™‚
It’s most heartening to see people already booking for December…I get most annoyed with those who go to great trouble with their own arrangements and leave the poor pets to the last moment!

Other than that, not much news. The days are getting shorter and darkness doesn’t sneak up in the late afternoons………it pounces! One minute the sun is still warm on the skin and the next you find yourself walking into a tree because you can’t see a thing! I love it πŸ™‚ and of course all the cats are in snuggle mode lol! The minute you sit down someone will leap on you and turn you into a bed!

Well kitty people and dearest fuzzy children……where ever you are, be safe, be blessed and have a wonderful week……